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Social Media Planning Guide

By ICT Champions

In this no-nonsense guide, the ICT Champions show you just how to go about using the power and potential of social media.

The guide aims:

  • To put your organisation and its purposes first and help you plan how social media can be used as an extra tool to assist you in achieving your goals
  • To help you understand if social media will be helpful for your organisation
  • How to develop and implement a social media strategy

Contents include:

  • Assess the benefits of Social Media
  • Step by Step Social Media Plan
  • Benefits of Social Media
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Types of Social Media

Download the Social Media Planning Guide for Voluntary Sector Organisations (PDF, 188Kb)

Published in 2010 by ICT Champions

About the author

ICT Champions
ICT Champions is a national programme of NAVCA funded by Capacity Builders until March 2011. Regional Champions have developed a series of resources providing signposting to help organisations use technology more efficiently and effectively



Published: 21st October 2011

Copyright © 2011 ICT Champions

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