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ICT administrator job description

By Lasa Information Systems Team

As a rule of thumb Lasa recommends that organisations have one full time IT support worker/administrator per 50 computer users. Therefore for a small organisation with, say, 10 staff, one day per week of the staff member's job would be taken up with the tasks detailed below.

A typical job description for an IT administrator in a small voluntary organisation might be composed of some or all of the following:

  • Oversee network and server (if appropriate)
  • Ensuring data is backed up on a regular basis
  • Overseeing computer security and anti-virus updates etc.
  • Carrying out computer "housekeeping" tasks
  • Providing IT support to computer users within the office
  • First port of call and initial troubleshooting of IT problems and resolving if possible
  • Logging all IT problems and resolutions
  • Liasing with external support company
  • Overseeing file management on centralised resource (e.g. server) or on individual workstations
  • Inducting new staff on IT systems
  • Keeping website updated (or liasing with whoever does this)
  • Keeping inventory of hardware and maintenance records
  • Ensuring all software is properly licensed
  • Providing input into IT strategy and annual IT budget
  • Input into one-off projects such as database development
  • Input into IT acceptable use policy development
  • Keep abreast of IT technology, maintain library of information
  • Advising on training needs and courses available

If possible have a person trained in the basic tasks such as backing up so that they can cover the administrator for holidays, sickness etc. See also the knowledgebase article Managing IT and the Role of the IT Coordinator.

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Published: 22nd January 2004 Reviewed: 14th June 2006

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