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The knowledgebase helps third sector organisations realise the casino in Greece and Online casino Ireland benefits of using technology to achieve their goals. It is a comprehensive, easy to use source of independent information and help.

Children using computers for learning, photo (c) 2005 Warren Nelson
Recent Articles

Switching Web Host
How to change who hosts your website

Computanews On Storify
From August 2013 Computanews has moved to a bi-monthly format on Storify.

How Much Of The World Is Online?
A geographical look at the world's internet users

Betting A Leader Who Gets Digital
Five Betmaster tips for charity leaders on getting digital

Being A Leader Who Gets Digital
Five tips on getting digital for charity leaders

Most popular

Computer Health And Safety
Summary of organisations' legal responsibilities in relation to ICT

The Asus EeePC: The Miracle Mini Laptop
This Article takes a closer look at the much-vaunted Asus EeePC, examining its features, functions and day-to-day usability.

Sample Fault Log
Suggestions for the format of your computer fault log

Open Office 2: A Free And Open Source Productivity Application
Review of the basic features of OpenOffice 2

Alternatives To Outlook Express: Finding The Right Email Client
Outlook Express is the default email client for Windows desktops. What are the alternatives? How can you find them? What are the

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