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Sample fault log

By Lasa Information Systems Team

Unfortunately, computers will have problems from time to time. Logging these faults systematically can help with diagnosing and preventing problems. An fault log can also help you justify that a machine needs replacing if it has continual problems and is taking up a lot of resources (staff time / support calls) because it repeatedly needs fixing. Below is a suggested format for recording computer faults.

The fault log should include the date, which equipment had the fault, a brief description of the fault, what applications were being used when the fault occurred, a note of any error messages generated, and a record of any action taken to resolve the problem. An example fault log is shown in the table below:

Staff Name and Date Problem and description (including any error messages) Time taken to fix problem Attempted solution and suggestions for next step Person who fixed it Contact information
Ian / 31/7/03

Mouse stopped working. No error messages

30 mins

Checked mouse device settings in control panel / system. No properties found. Turned off PC and Swapped over mouse. Mouse started working again.


Central Services IT co-ordinator

Sally / 12/8/03

Monitor screen not displaying properly, screen display looks different to normal.

1 hour

Called support contractor. Came next day they:
Checked display properties in control panel. Nvidia graphics card only has 16 colour option available.
Downloaded latest graphics driver from and installed. This then caused error message showing "nwiz causing crash in kernal 32". Ran MSConfig and removed nwiz from start-up.Problem solved.

Had to get support contractor to come in and fix

IT co-ordinator has details of support company

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Published: 12th August 2021 Reviewed: 25th April 2021

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